What is TTouch? 
TTouch for Human Healthcare embraces a sense of healing touch that comforts the physical, mental and emotional bodies and transforms the relationship with oneself and with others.
Tellington TTouch Training for animals is a gentle, respectful method of training that honors the body, mind and spirit of animals and their people and develops trust between humans and animals.

Linda Tellington-Jones PhD. (Hon)

Linda is a graduate of the 4-year training (1975-1978) taught by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais at the Humanistic Psychology Institute in San Francisco.

She has written 22 books published in 15 languages about the Tellington Method for horses, dogs, cats, exotics and for human health care. Her work has spread to 35 countries.
Inspired by her Feldenkrais training, the Tellington TTouch Method® was first created by Linda four decades ago as a system of animal training that invites people to relate to animals in a deeper, more compassionate way. This unique TTouch journey furthers inter-species connections and honors the body, mind and spirit of both animals and their people. Linda sees humans and animals as reflections of a Divine Whole.

In 1983 she shifted her focus from the Feldenkrais Method® and began searching for an understanding of cellular intelligence, inspired by the passion of Nobel Laureate Sir Charles Sherrington. Sir Charles Sherrington taught that every cell in the body knows its function within the body.
The Tellington Method is a merging of science and spirituality; it activates both hemispheres of the brain; the systematic approach to learning with Nine Elements of TTouch and 20+ TTouches with animal names makes TTouch for self-help easy and fun to learn.

Recognizing cellular intelligence and acknowledging the Divine Consciousness in every cell in the body is at the heart of Tellington TTouch.
for Trauma and Wellbeing.

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These 2 videos, showing the Ear TTouch and the TTouch Heart Hug were originally developed for Self-Help for people experiencing traumatic events. The Ear TTouch has many uses from overcoming shock, for calming, relieving digestive issues, head aches and much more. The TTouch Heart Hug reduces stress, enhances learning and enduces a sense of well-being by shifting one from the sympathetic state to the parasympathetic state of rest and recovery.

This is a TTouch practice of connecting with Cellular Wisdom and visualizing each part of our body as perfect. “Remember your perfection” and recognizing the Divine Spark in every cell of your body is a core concept of Tellington TTouch.
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